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Everything in life requires balance. Eating well is necessary so we can function and feel well and lead productive days, without feeling overtired or any other symptom of a sedentary life.

We have to agree that life would be boring if we didn’t indulge and treat ourselves to a nice meal.

I’ve put together a daily menu where you can find a little bit of both. The weekend just started so you still have time to get the ball rolling. 

I will offer you the option to indulge or eat healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I would pick one meal to go all out. Just a suggestion…if you feel you deserve more, by all means, enjoy it!


Healthy: 2 slices of whole wheat bread, with light cream cheese and 2 slices of smoked turkey. This is a good blend of complex carbs and protein. 

Indulgence: Pancakes with dulce de leche. I usually make whole wheat pancakes (the store bought mix) but you can also make your own and spread dulce de leche on it.


Healthy: Light eggplant lasagna. This is a family favourite and we make it a lot since it’s so easy to put it together and it still feels like a treat.

Indulgence: Yummy Chicken Pie. This will make your family and friends smile, such a delicious pie.


Healthy: Awesome stuffed chicken recipe. Serve this with a side of brown rice and you will feel like you’re serving a fancy meal to the family.

Indulgence: Homemade pizza! 


Healthy: Fruit. Buy your family and friends’ favourite selection.

Indulgence: Easy to make chocolate dipped cookie. Make a fresh pot of coffee or tea and enjoy!