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When I first moved to Canada I couldn’t cook. I lie, I could make toast, coffee and popcorn and that was it.

Once the novelty of living alone and eating out all the time worn off I decided I needed to call for reinforcements so my mom, back home in Brazil, came to my assistance with some cool cooking tips.

1. Set aside all of the ingredients before cooking, this way you can identify if you’re missing anything before you start

2. Chop, dice or mince the vegetables and herbs before starting, it will save you time and you most likely won’t overcook part of the dish because you’re busy with the preparation of the next ingredient

3. Eggs and butter should be taken out of the fridge 30 minutes before you start working on a recipe (very smart advice for baking)

4. Cook bigger batches of a meal, divide it into smaller portions in different containers and freeze them, this way you wn’t get sick from eating the same thing over and over again

5. Label the food containers with a sticker and write the date that the dish was cooked, this way you can keep track of how long the dish has been sitting in your fridge and/ or freezer

6. If you add too much salt to a dish, add a raw potato to the pan, it helps absorb some of the salt from the meal

These are just some basic cooking tips that my mom shared with me, I need to list a lot more cool tips she’s given me over the years. I hope these helped you as much as they helped me.

Do you have any tips? Share them with me in the comments.